Automotive Supplier Excellence Australia (ASEA) is an organisation founded in 2007, who assists companies to identify and realise their optimum potential.


This is achieved by helping them to identify and understand where the gaps are in their business using a Benchmark Assessment process, and then assisting them to implement Improvement Projects to close the gaps.


The vision of ASEA is to be the “Preferred provider of sustainable business improvements” with a mission of “Assisting companies to look at their business in new ways to achieve world class levels of competitiveness”. 

The Program

The ASEA Program commenced in 2007 and was specifically focused on assisting Tier 1 companies in the Australian automotive supply chain to improve their competitiveness and sustainability. In 2009 the Program was expanded to include the Tier 2 and 3 companies, as they are also key players in optimising the supply chain.


No matter the size of the company or the project, a dedicated ASEA client manager works closely with each company helping them through the entire process from assessment to project implementation and close-out. This ensures that the total needs of the business are fully met, even down to assisting with individual aspects of this process.


The process used by ASEA is designed to assist companies in achieving international competitiveness and sustainability.


Through the creation of an independent, best-in-class benchmarking process and targeted supply chain development initiatives, ASEA can help enable each individual client to achieve world-class capability and competency levels.